Monday, March 27, 2017

our weekend... was a fun weekend.! I cleaned two floors of our home so it would sparkle while I am home this week. I even did the windows and blinds so everything looks beautiful. We went to the H's for dinner on Saturday and just loved being with the H's and our little guy who is quite the talker lately. Sunday was for cleaning the basement. We are never down there so we needed to do some purging. It felt good to freshen it up a bit and get rid of some old coats and sweaters. A short trip to Batavia brought us to a salt cave where we enjoyed a 45 minute session of ionizing. We stopped in The Tea Tree for some tea and balsamic vinaigrette and then enjoyed some wine and an appetizer at Francesca's before heading home to make a basil cream sauce to tap some delicious ribeye steaks.

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