Friday, March 10, 2017

friday means it's time to celebrate and...

...breath and realize all is good!

This week has been productive; I felt like it went by quite fast as my days were full. I spent time on me and time on my job and I enjoyed my husband daily. One thing I have noticed this week is how different it is in our home since "our guy" isn't around, We don't have weekly visits from one of our children and dinner guests multiple days and that has never been the case for us. It is now just Brian and me day in and day out; things have changed. I must say I am grateful that I still love being with my "bff" because if that was not the case; YIKES! We would be experiencing some long days and night. How funny life can be. That being said, what is happening this weekend? Well, I'm going to...

  • detail on Saturday so I don't have to do it on Spring Break. (It won't, of course, be horrible as our home is organized but there are some things on my"must do" list.)
  • plan some fun, healthy meals as I started to "spiralize" and we both loved it. I made garlic shrimp over zucchini noodles last night. The dish was really delicious and I did not miss the pasta.
  • work on my crocheting and read a bit.
  • do some shopping for our baby girl who is arriving soon. I seriously cannot wait to meet that little one and hold her and cuddle her close.
  • visit my Graham as I miss my "H" family.
Happy Friday!!!

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