Saturday, March 4, 2017

and it has been a week...

Today, our guy celebrates one week in his new home. I cannot believe this dream of his is now a reality. To close up an apartment, sell all of your belongings except what will fit in the back of your truck, resign from a job and travel 2000 miles across the country, alone, in three days is quite a quest. Nick is settled, looking for a job daily and beginning to explore the beautiful state of Oregon. Although our home is a bit more quite than it was as we no longer have a neighbor who pops in to work out or eat dinner with us or have a cup of tea with me, we are more than proud of this one. He is adventurous and why not? When you are 27 with no commitments, you might as well follow your dreams as life is short.

Sending you love, Nick, from my home to yours!

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