Friday, February 17, 2017


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What a CRAZY Friday!

  • My team has had to deal with serious issues with students at school; so serious that we are on "high alert".
  • Graham was sent home with a fever. It's his birthday weekend; what!
  • Nick has to leave for Oregon early. He was asked to come in for an interview for a job that he must interview for so his plans are changing daily. Literally daily and Nick likes a week notice for everything.
  • My dad was brought to the emergency room by my mom as he was very sick this afternoon. He will be staying in the hospital overnight and we are hoping it is only the flu. When one is almost 91 the flu is serious.
Okay, all of us are just dealing with the situations without getting emotion, working the problems but WOW! I guess this is a reminder to all that we must take "one day at a time".

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