Monday, December 12, 2016

what a fun weekend...

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Duluth Trading Company

Brian and I tackled Saturday like two pros: I cleaned and did laundry while he did some touch up painting and ran our errands. Then, we were off to Caputo's and the H's for an evening with our Graham. That little nugget is such a sweet boy; so loving and smart and just plain fun to be around. We played and ate dinner and snuggled before G called it a night and we followed his lead not long after. Our Sunday morning began early enjoying coffee and conversation in the kitchen along with a lovely breakfast made by Chris. Then, the two of us were off to Oakbrook as the stores were opened at 9 for some early morning shopping. It was so nice to roam the mall without crowds. Our next stop was Duluth Trading Company and then we lunched at our favorite winter place; Arrowhead in Wheaton. We were home in time to watch the Bears lose and wrap gifts and nap and crochet and enjoy a lovely dinner inside our toasty home.  That is the kind of weekends I like....

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