Monday, December 26, 2016

last week of december monday...

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Our holiday was lovey; family, conversation, hugs and laughs. The one disappointment was Nick was not with us and there was a void in our hearts. We wanted the eight of us to be together; that did not happen and I'm over it. I enjoyed Nick daily with Brian before we engaged in celebrations. That being said, today was for:
  • putting away the Christmas tree and the remaining "gingerbread".
  • Brian picking up his phone and gifts at Matthew Paul's (Sarah said that she is going to have to go through a "phone check" with us before we leave an event together.).
  • me decluttering again...I packed up unused glassware and books and cds and table clothes. I also organized a few closets, too, as well as my spice cabinet and pantry and drawers.  My approach to the New Year always means starting the year ''clutter free, bill free and worry free" and that, to me, is very important as with doing those said things, I cannot begin to focus on my life changes.
  • making some Tuesday "Nick Plans" as he wants to start decluttering his place to prep for his move. I can help with that; it's what I do!
  • finishing laundry and some list making for groceries and the week.
  • beginning to watch the entire Breaking Bad seasons which is being broadcasted on AMC...I have been waiting for this for weeks.
It was a good Monday!!!

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