Tuesday, October 11, 2016

a beautiful day...

I spent Monday with my little man and it was, let me just say, wonderful. We started off decorating for fall and making a crock pot dinner; beef stroganoff. Then, we headed over to Cosley Zoo which was the perfect place to spend a beautiful, fall morning. Graham loved the animals and pumpkins and train car and corn stalk tunnel. He ran and smiled and laughed and talked and it was nothing short of "precious". After a little lunch, we read two books before my nugget proceeded to take a 2 plus hour nap as he was tired. Our day ended with some adorable snuggle time with Grandpa before enjoying daddy's arms holding him tight when Chris came home from work. I am so lucky to be able to spend time with this little guy; he is just my love and each and every moment with him is a true gift.

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