Monday, August 1, 2016

welcome august...

I have not done anything this summer but this month, I'm busy again. Nick and I started a life change today to get into shape and then I went into work to meet with my assistant principal regarding the upcoming science year and what it will look like for me.  My classroom is going to be a a Lab Classroom (More on that later.) to learn and implement the new curriculum.  Today,  I am finishing my gift for baby Eden and then delivering it along with food to the J's on Wednesday afternoon. Brian's car is going in for a day this week and I'm gathering things for our soon vacation. I have a Leadership Meeting on August 15, working with Sarah in her new home on the 8/16 and 8/17 and Brian has his heart procedure on the 8/18. I'll need to be home with him most of 8/19 - 8/21 and the work begins on the 22. Welcome August, it's back to reality for me!

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