Tuesday, July 19, 2016

little eden...

My former co-worker's name is Sara. I met her the August after she graduated college, got married and was hired for her first job in  d303. Sara is the same age as my Sarah, so I instantly connected to her and let me just say, she is an amazing woman.
Sara and Don tried for years to get pregnant and then spent years getting their adoption finalized. They brought home, four years ago from Ethiopia, Jacob and Josiah. Then, two years ago, Sara got pregnant with Luke who came a bit early but was healthy and happy and a part of this amazingm loving, Christian family.
Fast forward to the start of 2016...Sara came into work to visit with our team and share she was pregnant with a baby due in June. What we did not know until Eden Evangeline was born at the end of June that she was born with severe microcephaly due to severe abnormal brain development. At 20 weeks, Sara and Don discovered baby's head was measuring small and they knew she would have disabilities. Never did the two anticipate how severely underdeveloped her brain would be, however. Eden cannot swallow and recently had a permanent feeding tube place in her stomach so she can be nourished. To  make matters even sadder, the family does not know how long Eden will be with them as three doctors have already shared they do not anticipate her brain supporting her beyond infancy.
The family is devastated and Sara is trying to be there for the three boys at home and Eden in the hospital. I don't know how Don is dealing with work and his family and his wife but what I do know is never have I been more sad. I spent a few weeks waking up in the middle of the night worrying about all. Then last week, I actually contacted an dear friend who is a minister in the South to share Sara's story as he worked with us for awhile and ask him to pray for Eden. He just so happened to be going to a prayer meeting where 100 people would be praying for many and sent me this Prayer Request; such a wonderful man!
This is, by far,  more than a horrible situation and one that no one ever wants to experience. If you are a person of prayer, I ask you to pray for Eden and the Jones family. They are a family of deep faith and they love God and know He is there for them today and tomorrow and always and prayers are very, very appreciated.

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