Monday, July 25, 2016

a funny saturday...

Brian got a real taste of my "summer world" on Saturday which made me laugh. My summers are slow and easy and I really work to be productive daily. Our home is perfect and smells amazing, Cabinets are organized and all labels on food face out for symettry. Our flowers are watered and thriving, the deck and garage are always swept and laundry is always done. Our clothes are folded with love and care so they are "wrinkle free" and our closet has all of the hangers facing the same direction so things hang loosely. Does this seem crazy? Shouldn't, as I'm home with nothing to do and no one to answer to each and every day. Well, Brian does not usually spend an entire weekend day with me, maybe by choice, so when he did over last weekend, he kinda laughed. He was like, "This is what you do all day?" Yep, that is what I do day in and out and sometimes, I do get spontaneous and decide to shake up part of my day. Not often, but sometimes!

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