Monday, July 11, 2016

five week challenge...

I have five more  six more weeks left of vacation, yep, seven  six have already passed. As I  have so enjoyed my weeks off, I'm now starting a "Five Week Challenge" so I can return to work feeling fit and healthy and happy. What am I doing? Well, every day, I am going to do something to make my life balanced. I have already been working on a 12 mile/week exercise goal which I have done most of the summer so all is good in the world of run/walking. As for eating, I'm going to continue to limit processed foods and be more paleo conscientious. Also, Shakeology will happen Monday through Friday so that should cover my diet. As for the rest, my first task is to clean so that my physical world is balanced as only then can I work on inner balance. Makes sense, does it not?

Day One of the Five Week Challenge:  clean up, down, inside and out

Here I go....

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