Friday, May 13, 2016

Everyday is the #weekend during the #summer, but this is going to be an especially good one! #UjENASwimwear:
Once again, I'm so happy it's here. What's going to happen this weekend? Well, not a whole lot as last week was jammed packed. I'm definitely going to gather a few things for my get-together for Maggie, a lady who is retiring from work. I'm hosting an after work celebration on Wednesday and my theme is "flowers". In addition, I'm helping Nick out at his place today and finishing my kitchen cabinet cleaning tonight and my cleaning tomorrow. I also want to meet Sarah and G for lunch on Sunday as I did not see my little precious one last weekend. Mmmm, if I can get to it too I want to do some de-weeding outside. Does not sound now like a weekend with not much going on!

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