Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day.... all of the mothers who have:
  • watched their bodies change during pregnancy,
  • experienced the unbelievable experience of child birth,
  • brought their new born home knowing not what to do, 
  • wondered if their child was getting enough food, love, books or playtime,
  • worried about their relationships with their husband,
  • felt horrible about not being at a party or on a field trip or at a performance at their child's school due to work,
  • worked to plan a work schedule so you could be available for your nugget,
  • forgot about a special event or a lunch or a party or a meeting or etc., etc., etc.,
  • cried about a behavior or about being a mother or about not being a good mother,
  • witnessed someone getting a driver's licence or a diploma  or another momentous moment in their child's life,
  • watched a son or daughter walk down an isle or 
  • had passed to you a new born baby to hold and love and treasure as your child's baby was now your grandchild.
To all of you, Happy Mother's Day! I so hope you celebrate yourself on this very special day!!!

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