Monday, May 9, 2016

15 days left until summer break...

Fab Friday Printable!:

I seriously cannot believe that I have three more weeks of work and then it is break time.  Yikes! This year has flown by and it was a good school year. I need to start thinking of my summer plans and projects and "to do" lists. The things I have booked at this time are:
  • a three day training session at work,
  • a 90th birthday party for my dad,
  • spending four glorious days with Graham while his parents go on a much needed get away to Florida,
  • a July wedding and 
  • an August vacation.
A bu bucket list must be made soon so my husband and me can do a few fun things during our favorite time of the year. I am so lucky that in 15 days I will be able to breathe!!!

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