Friday, April 29, 2016

what are your weekend plans...

Friday's Fantastic Finds:
Last night, I was back at work by 6 for an open house for our incoming 6th grade students so I'm ready for today to end. When it does, I'm off to pick up Nick as his truck is getting serviced and then I'll be heading home for a bit of down time. I think "The Three Amigos" are going out to dinner tonight and then for the rest of the weekend, I'll be:
  • cleaning my home and garage (Surprise!),
  • touching up our fireplace trim,
  • going to Marshalls, I love Marshalls,
  • meal planning,
  • reading and
  • watching golf.
So happy it's time to decompress as this has been a busy, busy week for the people who reside in St. Charles!

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