Sunday, April 17, 2016

a sleepover...

Our little nugget did great on his Saturday sleepover.

Two things we did right:

1.  Asking Nick to come over. Graham loves Nick and Nick plays with Graham so Graham is really, really happy when he sees his uncle. The funny thing about this scenario is after about two hours, Nick said he was exhausted and wondered if it was because of Graham.

I would say, "Yes!"...toddlers are exhausting!!!

2. Taking Graham on a long walk before dinner.

He was so relaxed in his stroller and ate his dinner after two tries and fell asleep after following his routine instantly and slept until 6:15. Yeah!

One thing that was sad:

Graham was discombobulated when he woke up this morning and sad. He was just "off" and thinking and you could see he was wondering where his mommy and daddy were and where he was.

That is so not a good to watch; an almost 14 month old "out of sorts".

Can't wait for our next adventure!

Coming in June...Four days together when G's mommy and daddy go to Florida!

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