Monday, March 21, 2016

the count down begins...

I officially have three more days with students and four more work days before my Spring Break. Can I say, "Yeah!!!"? What are my plans? Well, I'm going to...

  • try to have all of our children over for a dinner; not necessarily on the same day, but in our home to enjoy their company. 
  • clean the windows as that has to be done in spring; doesn't it?
  • buy a camera for me. I have wanted to get a camera for a long, long time and I think it needs to be done. I really want to explore photography.
  • begin a knitting/crocheting project as I love having a craft to focus on when school isout for the summer.  I want to practice now. 
  • wash our panel doors; closets, bathrooms, bedrooms and pantries. That is something I don't do often and it needs to be done.
  • enjoy my husband who took the week off which just makes me "happy, happy, happy".
Let the countdown begin, friends!

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