Monday, March 28, 2016

a lovely easter...

We so enjoyed our Easter afternoon with the H's and Nick. For appetizers, I made brie topped with honey mustard and diced red pepper and then the cheese was heated in the microwave so gooey, melted cheese oozed out when the wheel was cut. It was beautiful. Along with the brie, I served grape, chili sauce meatballs and then came the remainder of the meal. First served was a fresh salad topped with Italian dressing, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes roasted in the oven until the edges were crisp, roasted asparagus and lamb chops grilled to perfection; 4 minutes on each side. Dessert was warm, peach cobbler topped with ice cream, pecans and cool whip and let me just say, this recipe was a real hit. Graham loved his books and puzzle and wooden train, my guys loved their New Glarus beer and Sarah was touched buy the picture mug I gave her along with some pretty summer silver earrings. Of course, we missed the R's who were with Jenny's family and look forward to seeing them sooner rather than later.

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