Monday, February 29, 2016

I hope you had a nice weekend. I...

  • did a bit of shopping after work on Friday and then went home to enjoy a quick Nick visit.
  • woke up early on Saturday and began my usual cleaning by 6:15 a.m. as Brian had to work. I was done a bit after 10 and then headed over to Nick's place. I originally was going to bring him some dishwasher products as our water is very hard here so it takes some doing to get dishes and glasses to come out streak-free. What ended up happening; however, is I decided to do some de-germing and I just had so much fun. Let's just face it; I love to clean and do laundry and wash floors with Lysol and air out a home. It is my way to de-stressing so I spent a few hours doing what I love in his place. Music was on and the windows were opened and I just moved from room to room polishing and washing and shining things up. When I left, I headed to Walmart to pick him up a few cleaning products and a mail organizer and some juice and produce and pre-made food as Nick was also working a long double and I decided he was going to be the recipient of my monthly "act of kindness". What was funny, though, was I texted Nick and told him what I did and thanked him for letting me invade his space. He thought that was really funny and was more than surprised and appreciative and grateful. You know what, it is always nice to be nice.
  • bought a few things at Homegoods. I love that store and find myself making a few trips around the store each and every time I go there. Funny, too,  how I always find something to buy. 
  • made my guy 4-Ingredient Salsa Verde Enchilada Bake Saturday night and a southwest breakfast Sunday morning and then got myself ready for a day of school work. I literally graded papers all day and went to my building to get some things ready for the week. Not really fun but it had to be done.
  • enjoyed a late afternoon lounging with a tired husband as he had a very, very busy work week.
Have a great "Leap Year Monday" and first week of March!

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