Monday, February 8, 2016

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...

  • ran some errands on Friday and went home to put things away which always takes me forever. For some reason, I can't just put away groceries; I have to clean the shelves in the refrigerator and organize the cabinets. It's just how it is in our home and I think it drives my husband crazy.
  • got things done in our home on Saturday morning as we both have been doing a great job "dividing and conquering". Brian painted the back-splash in the the kitchen and it really looks great...all fresh and grease free. Those little things make a room look so much better.
  • dropped by Nick's with some soup and meds as he has been under the weather the last few day.
  • enjoyed a family brunch to celebrate Jenny and Chris at OMG Brunch in Elmhurst before making a great dish for Brian to bring to a Superbowl Pot Luck Party at a local bar. I made Cheesy Pull-Apart Sliders and they were apparently a real hit; many were asking for the recipe. I love making food that others love; it's quite satisfying.
  • fell asleep early on both Saturday and Sunday as I have been under the weather, too.
  • was happy our little one is finally getting better after fighting a terrible virus for five plus days.
Have a great "cold and snowy" week!

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