Monday, February 15, 2016

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day weekend. I...

  • went home Friday to put my new linens on my bed but stopped as the comforter was not what I wanted.
  • enjoyed an early dinner at Evergreen's with my guys; one who was still rather sick.
  • me our dear friends, Mary and Mike, for a long overdue drink.
  • made Nick a huge pot of chicken soup Saturday morning. When you're sick; you need homemade chicken soup.
  • met Sarah and Graham at Arrowhead for a wonderful Valentine's Day lunch at noon. We so enjoyed our time together talking and laughing and loving our sweet baby boy for two hours. Yep, we left at 2. Graham and Sarah and I have lunched since he was born and he is soooo good in a restaurant; really, really good!
  • loved this cute picture of my nugget enjoying some puffs on a cold Saturday morning in his pajamas. Is he not precious?
Have a great week!

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