Friday, February 19, 2016

happy 1st birthday...

Tomorrow is this little nuggets first birthday. From the moment he arrived, he has made me laugh and smile and worry. Holding him and cuddling him has been just precious and I miss that this does not happen much now; he is very busy these days. The one thing I did not expect to enjoy over this past year, however, is watching the ones I love change and grow because of this precious one.
Watching his mommy and daddy with him has filled my heart with joy as the love that they have for him is deep, so deep and it can be seen in their eyes.
Watching his uncles and auntie with him has filled my heart with joy as each as changed over this year as they have witnessed a new life changing and growing and becoming a person before their very eyes.
Watching my husband with him has melted my heart, babies just do something to a person, don't they? When he looks at G; I see a bond between a grandfather and a grandson and it is beautiful.
The love that our family has for this precious one is like no other. Babies change people and our sweet, happy, funny Graham has truly changed our lives. Our lives are so much richer because of him and all of the joy and love and laughter he brings to us!
Happy 1st Birthday, Graham Brian!

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