Monday, January 11, 2016

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend. I...

  • survived Friday with my husband's heart procedure. He responded so well and instantly began to feel better. His color was better and his breathing easier and his cough stopped. We were home by early afternoon and after settling Brian in for a needed nap, I ran some errands and made us an early dinner as we were both spent.
  • bought some meat at Reams for three meals and then enjoyed Sarah and Graham on Saturday. That little guy has just "lit up" over the past month. He is busy and mobile and standing and laughing and making noises and he is funny. Ohhhh, and did I mention he loves his mommy so much. When Sarah and her friend were getting ready to leave, she picked up Graham and he kissed her; unsolicited. It was precious.
  • helped Brian make his 3-2-1 ribs (Rub ribs with a rub and coat with an apple juice/mustard mixture; smoke for 3 hours, coat ribs with dark brown sugar, warm honey and steam in a foil pouch that has apple juice in it for 2 hours, grill with sauce for 1 hour) and enjoyed Sarah and Graham for a short while. Sarah was not feeling well so she returned home when it looked like Graham was ready for a nap so the car ride would work for him. I was glad to hear she took a 45 minute nap and was feeling better.
  • enjoyed our dinner guests, our Nick and his friend, Nick,before calling it a weekend.
Have a great cold January week!

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