Monday, January 18, 2016

happy mlk day monday...

I hope you had a great weekend. I...

  • enjoyed my favorite day of the school year on Friday; Teacher Work Day. It's a day for us to work without any interruptions in a quiet school. I was able to get so much done it just made me "happy" but I was really exhausted when I got home as I literally worked from 8 to 3:40 with only one little break for lunch and I was working then, too.
  • worked with my husband all Saturday morning. We touched up walls and oiled all of our wood and literally did not stop until 1:30. Then, we were off to get some meat in Elburn, had our usual glass of wine (or two) and when we finally got home; I laid down and never even ate dinner.
  • did more Sunday errands after some sad news; my husband is back in AFib. He woke up and knew he converted back and then confirmed it later by taking his blood pressure. He was sad and I was sad as he was only in normal rhythm for 8 short days:( Just when I let my guard, too!)
  • went on a crazy Costco and Binney's trip Sunday morning in the bitter cold and then locked ourselves in for the rest of the day.  I made a creamy, red shrimp pasta dish and meatloaf for tonight and cleaned a whole bunch of vegetables.
  • was happy to wake up this morning to a "no work day" Monday.
Have a great week!

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