Thursday, January 28, 2016

a resolution update...

As we are approaching the end of January, which I cannot believe, I wanted to reflect on my resolutions and Word of the Year progress thus far.  Well...
  • I have consciously worked on "finishing" something that I have started before I moving on to engage in another task. Not "multi-taking" has been a good thing; I feel more "in control" and not scattered. SCORE!
  • "Walk 60,000 plus steps each week" has not happened due to the injury on the left which sadly happened when I missed a step at the H's home and rolled my ankle. Did I mention I had a glass of wine in hand? Not good; but that little injury has prevented some needed work outs. Looking forward to working on this goal in February.
  • "Start each day with a real breakfast" has been hit or miss. Looking forward to working on this goal in February.
  • "Always be true to myself and others" SCORE!
  • "Perform an "act of kindness" monthly" SCORE!
Am I right? I'm at 60%! Not bad but I have some work to do. Looks like February is going to be the month and that's when I commit to my "no sugar and no process food" goal! 
Thank goodness it's a Leap Year!

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