Friday, January 15, 2016

a friday post about our love...

Words cannot describe the joy this little one has brought to all of us. Graham is such a good, good baby who is growing in leaps and bounds. He crawls with a purpose, happily plays, eat with enthusiasm, stands and smiles and loves having people around him. A baby changes everyone's lives and seeing this before my eyes has been a beautiful experience.
I have watched my daughter and son-in-law develop into devoted and loving and caring parents who have worked together since day one to give their son all he needs to be safe and healthy and happy. They have each other's backs daily and have learned to tag-team. They are no longer a couple; they are now a family and a beautiful one that continues to change and grow.
I have watched my husband develop into a loving grandpa. He lights up when I tell him we are going to be with Sarah and Graham and I have seen him look out the window when they are on their way to see if their car is coming down the street. Priceless! Brian loves to hold G and kiss him and talk to him. That's what I think I love to watch the most; Brian talking to this guy. It's precious.
As for me, this little one is my everything. I love, love, love him and I love being a grandma. Holding him and hugging him and smelling him and feeding him and loving him is all I want to do when I am with him. I think of him every single day and each time; I smile. I wait for pictures and videos and reports and calls telling me about his day. He is always on my mind.
Words really cannot describe the love I have for our Graham. Our family is so blessed to have this guy in our lives; he is a precious gift and on that note, have a happy Friday, all!

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