Tuesday, December 15, 2015

it's time once again...


...for another life change. Working out has been inconsistent and with Brian now working through his latest health issues, his heart, I need to destress daily; especially after last night. What happened, one might ask? Well, I came home from work a bit nervous as Brian was filling me in on the tests he is going to have over the next seven days and I started to clean out dresser drawers. I refolded all of the clothes in our dressers and got rid of worn things. It was more than crazy. Then, to make matters worse, I reorganized three of my kitchen cabinets. (I left three for tonight.) My poor husband said nothing as he watched me do this for more than an hour. Not good...so I decided I needed to get out of bed a little earlier than normal this morning and I begin a non-negotiable four days a week workout plan.
Day One: Complete!

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