Monday, December 14, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend. I...

  • came home from work on Friday and went for a 56 minute walk. It was so lovely as Christmas lights lit the streets as it got dark.
  • was really busy on Saturday with cleaning and organizing and errands. It was fun!
  • was at Caputo's bright and early Sunday and then made a Target run before prepping food for the week and cooking two meals. Brian wanted to bring his mom a dinner so I made one meal for her and another for us.
  • wrapped Christmas gifts which is always makes me feel happy.
  • made a hair and eye appointment for next week.  I still need to get my pedicure which I have been delaying for way too long. I love getting little things taken care of before the new year.
  • bought a new planner that I started to fill out and a new "bill book" which I realize is archaic but I love keeping track of things in writing.
  • enjoyed an afternoon with my two guys and looked for apartments on line as Nick wants to move.
Have a great week; it's my last and then...WINTER BREAK!

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