Monday, December 28, 2015

happy monday after christmas 2015...

I hope you had a great Christmas weekend.  I...

  • enjoyed Christmas Eve with our family at the H's until I missed a step going downstairs, spilled my wine and ended up with a very bruised ankle.  The evening, however, was still lovely as dinner was delicious, all loved their gifts and Graham was adorable.  Missing was our Nick as someone called off so he worked a double on Christmas Eve (5:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.).
  • made my husband and me a great Christmas breakfast before getting things ready to take to brother Tony's after a mid-morning nap.  We were then on the road a bit after 2, enjoyed our family and friends and all Tony and Cathie did before we were on the road again.  Brian and I do not live close to most!  Missing again was Nick who worked a single on Christmas but decided not to join us in Libertyville as he had to work a double again on Saturday and a single on Sunday. He did stop over after work, however, to pick up food from Sarah's and lunch and dinner that Brian and I made him for his next 16 hour day and his presents. Oh well, I'm sure he "scored" in the money department.
  • woke up Saturday and cleaned and de-Christmased our top level. All Christmas accessories were put away by the afternoon and the remainder of the day was for napping and reading as Brian did not feel great.
  • took down the lower level tree on Sunday and then was happy to have Sarah and Graham come over around 10. Our destination was Ream's Meat Market for meat and Eddie Gaedel Pub & Grill for lunch. As it turned out, our little nugget's personality has emerged over the last week. Graham not only is beginning to be vocal when wanting to do something other than what we are making hiim do, but also demonstrating some of intentional behaviors. The one thing that made us all laugh hard for minutes was Sarah would put his bib on, Graham would take it off, drop it on the floor, turn to his mommy and smile and bat his eyes. It was sooooo funny as he did this each and every time we put his bib back on.  Little man is truly precious.
  • enjoyed a second "low key" afternoon before my husband had to return to work today after a little mini-vacation.
Enjoy the last few day's of December!

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