Monday, November 23, 2015

happy monday...

Photo belongs to Jen

I hope you had a nice weekend. I...

  • was thrilled that my first Christmas gifts arrived. I need to get wrapping paper so I can stay on top of things.
  • ventured in the snow to Oak Brook to meet my husband to buy new living room furniture.  We were happy with our purchases and look forward to January when all will be delivered.
  • ate lunch in Elmhurst at one of Brian's favorite places; Fit's Pub.  I do love the food there, but it's always a bit cold inside.
  • was out early Sunday morning to get things done and then made Barefoot's Company Pot Roast which was amazing. All of her recipes are outstanding and making it with Reem's meat just elevated the flavors.
  • enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in our home on a cold day.
  • missed not seeing the "H's" and our little guy.
  • planned our first holiday week that is going to include a Thanksgiving dinner with all of our kids and a birthday lunch and a night at the Arcada to see Deacon Blues; a band that we really enjoy.  How fun!!!
Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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