Monday, November 16, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend.  I...

  • did some great healthy shopping on Friday and then chopped and chopped and put food in containers and mason jars on Saturday. Let's see how this week pans out with healthy eating.
  • organized my shoes and cleaned and did more purging of stuff.  You would think I'm getting ready to move, but we aren't.
  • enjoyed a great grilled cheese with tomato and bacon sandwich and chili at Schmitts. This Elburn establishment has seriously wonderful bar food and who does not love gooey, grilled cheese.
  • graded and graded and lesson planned Sunday morning until my sweet Sarah and Graham arrived.  We decided to stay home to just enjoy each other and make turkey meatballs for Graham.  My little guy is teething and exploring and loving his new eating adventure and his mommy.  Babies are sooo fun! 
  • relaxed with my husband before dinner which I just love to do.  There is nothing more enjoyable than laying on the sofa; reading and napping on and off.
Have a great week!

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