Monday, November 2, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • was happy it started with Brian going with Sarah to the Halloween Parade at Graham's school.  Brian loved seeing both Graham and his mommy so happy at the parade and as you can see, G was thrilled that his grandpa was there with him! (Scroll down)
  • worked Saturday morning in our home and carved our pumpkin and made pumpkin seeds.  Last day of October fun!
  • went to The Finery for Halloween dinner which was nice but some of the patrons were more than interesting. Okay, there was a women who actually walked in with her riding helmet on and took it off just before she sat down at her table. Really, she looked ridiculous.  Who does that?  And then the couple next to us was cute and on a "date night" but, but, but the wife kept reaching over with her fork and eating from her husband's plate. That is not polite now, is it?
  • was more than excited to find out someone crawled on Halloween. Yeah, our guy is mobile and on Sunday, he was really covering some distance on the floor. 
  • did school work on a  beautiful fall morning and then was off to get some groceries and meat at Reams.
  • enjoyed the Bears game with my husband and an afternoon with our youngest who is more than thin and was very stressed. His job is one that makes it difficult for him to "let go" at times.  That is never good.
Have a great first week of November!

Look at his sad, sad face all because he is not in his mommy's arms.

"Okay, I'm better now!"

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