Monday, October 19, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend.  I...

  • went to Costco after work on Friday and then made a great ravioli dish with fresh tomatoes.  It was really good!
  • made my first Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball for our Saturday party and it was divine.  I have never made a cheese ball before and I really liked doing it.  The homemade ball was so much better than a store bought cheese ball. Who would have thought?
  • enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration at the H's with all of our kids.  The food was amazing and Brian had such a happy evening. 
  • dusted our Plantation Shutters on Sunday and washed windows.  The sun is really shining through them and making our home sooooo bright.  It's amazing how clean things smell when window treatments and windows are clean.
  • laughed thinking about this cutie pie as he loves, loves, loves his mommy and daddy and wants little to do with anyone else when they are around.  As soon as Graham saw Brian and Nick and me he started to cry and cuddle his mommy. Eventually, he warmed up to all of us but only with his mom and dad in sight.  It was quite precious and expected, of course he loves those two and wants to be in their arms. 
  • did some major "old paper" purging; more clutter gone.
  • made a Tuscan Beef Stew courtesy of Extra Virgin.  The smell in our home was amazing and it was an authentic, Tuscan tasting dish which was a real treat.
Have a great week!

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