Monday, October 26, 2015

happy halloween monday...

Halloween Moon Witches of the Night Image by HopePhotoArt on Etsy:

I hope you had a great weekend.  I...
  • was so tired on Friday; a scarey tired. I just had to get home, change, wash my face and sit.  All was well; but that is never a good feeling.
  • put away some outdoor furniture and emptied pots and brought plants to school.  It was time.
  • did more basement purging and went through our clothes again to get rid of things that are a bit worn.  We have been doing great lately when it comes to "out with the old".
  • enjoyed Sarah and Graham on Sunday.  G is cutting teeth weekly and will soon have six. Yikes!  Of course, Sarah and Chris are amazing and are on top of everything and their Graham is really a trooper. He continues to smile and is happy and is so close to crawling!.  What a fun age!
  • made two dishes on Sunday so our week will be a bit easier which is always nice. 
  • began to prepare for our Spirit Week at school which is always a bit crazy, especially as this is Halloween Week!
Have a great last week of October!

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