Monday, September 28, 2015

happy monday...

This Morning's Fall Sky

I hope you had a great week.  I...

  • did not do my usual grocery shopping on Friday as the end of my week was just brutal.  I needed to just stop and breathe.
  • did a total cleaning on Saturday and continued my organizing of cabinets and storage areas. I've been working on various shelves weekly now and it's amazing how many places in one's home remain untouched for years.  I've reworked my refrigerator, spice cabinet, two cabinets with dishes and our canned food shelves. Next is our pantry, hall storage closet and garage shelves. 
  • met up with my college friend and her husband for dinner on Saturday and the four of us had a wonderful time.  Margaret and Bill are just good, real people.
  • worked on papers pretty much all day on Sunday.  The breaks that I took were spent making braised short ribs, courtesy of The Barefoot Contessa, and they were, once again, amazing.
  • enjoyed a quick visit with Nick who has really lost weight.  He is down, according to him, three belt notches.  That's alot!!!
Have a great week!

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