Wednesday, August 19, 2015

once you're 25...

I was thinking of non-negotiables once someone is 25, probably because Nick is, and is soon to be 26. Anyway, that led me to generate this list for him, give it to him and I then suggested that he put it on his refrigerator so he could begin some "life changes".  I even gave him some copies for friends, okay, that was a joke that I must say, I thought was funny but it did not seem to go over well.  Nick barely read the list and all of the copies were left in my car. So sad!  Here is the list, however, and if I do say so, I think it is pretty comprehensive.

Things You Have to do Once You're 25

1.  Neatly make your bed and arrange shams and pillows. If you don't think this is important, watch this!
2.  Open your blinds in the morning to begin the day with light.
3.  Go to family functions; your family loves you and wants to spend time with you.
4.  Have a good pair of running shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes. Shoes matter even if they are worn at the lowest part of your body.
5.  Turn off all lights when you leave a room; conservation is important.
6.  Throw away garbage in your home and car; that shows your respect yourself.
7.  Wash your car.
8.  Remember family members’ birthdays and send them a card; not a text. Thoughtfulness counts.
9.  Have a credit card and pay off the balance monthly. Being in debt is not a good thing.
10. Know a good restaurant to go to so that when someone asks where to go in your town, there is no hesitation in your reply. You need to know the ins and outs of the town you live in.
11.  Be home by midnight because nothing happens after midnight.  You need to be ready when morning comes.
12.  Fold clothes neatly and put them in the right drawers of your dresser as soon as they are dried. That little extra effort will help you always look "together".
13.  Throw away old/worn clothes; clutter is bad.
14.  Shop for clothes for yourself and have a variety of styles. The way you present yourself matters.
15.  Dress nicely (nice casual) when you go out for a family function or drink with friends. Feeling good about yourself is a good thing.
16.  Never wear gym clothes outside of your home or gym. There is no explanation needed for this.
17.  Put your phone, wallet and keys in the same designated area when you get home. Establishing routines eliminates wasting time!
18.  Clean your home every 2 weeks or have it cleaned. Your living space should be one that ALL can enjoy.
19.  Do laundry on designated days; it's just necessary.
20.  Sort laundry before you do it and use both bleach and fabric softener. There is a reason why these two products were invented.
21.  Always put "things" away and designate a place for everything to be put. Clutter is dangerous as it makes one experience disequilibrium.
22.  Never use your comforter for a blanket.  Buy a blanket.
23.  Do not eat in your bed. That is just disgusting.
24.  Be cognizant of others and inquire about others. It shows you are compassionate.
25.  Make holiday plans. You have to do something on the holidays, everyone does, so plan it so it's something you want to do.
26.  Read. It makes you grow as an individual.
27.  Know what is happening in the world. You can engage in conversations if you're informed.
28.  Understand your Health Benefits, Retirement Plan and Insurance Policy. Protect yourself.
29.  Have a clean refrigerator. It does not need to have much; but it should not have anything in it that is not edible.
30.  Save every time you get paid and allow yourself weekly “cash” spending money so you stay on your budget. Debit cards can be dangerous and saving is crucial to success.

 Well, what do you think about my advice to those who are now 25?

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