Monday, August 17, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend.  I...
  • had a fun Friday just running around town and then stopped by Nick's for a visit and a glass of wine. It was nice.
  • sent my sweet brother-in-law a birthday treat that will arrive in Cali on Friday.  He is a kind man and I want to make him smile on his special day.
  • was excited for my Madalyn as her mom and Nolan were taking her to school on Friday. I'm so happy for her as she starts her new life.
  • overheard a worried Matthew talk to Brian on the phone.  Jenny left for Italy on Saturday and of course, Matt is a bit apprehensive. 
  • started to buy my little Graham a few things for when he is over at our home.  Some new toys were added to his basket, I'm also starting to compile a basket filled with things that I need to keep him clean and fresh and I'm now looking for a small crib.  I want to have more necessities here so when the H's are here, they don't have to bring their house with them.
  • went with Nick to the H's on Saturday for lunch with Sarah and Graham.  It was a lovely afternoon.
  • tied up all my loose ends at home so I would be ready for work this morning.
  • enjoyed lunch with my husband and the a relaxing afternoon in our family room napping and watching his favorite, Jason Day, win the golf tournament that he should have been at but could not go due to work.
Have a great "first week back to school" to all in the area!

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