Monday, August 10, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend. I...
  • cleaned our home and did laundry and payed bills on Friday to get our lives back together before we both go back to work today.
  • called Sarah early Friday morning to see if she was interested in Brian and I picking Graham up from daycare and then bringing dinner to her home. She was thrilled as Chris was away golfing until Sunday so I made our dinner menu.  We picked up our little one at 4, our first time, loved him for awhile and then enjoyed a great grilled salmon dinner outside with our daughter on a gorgeous summer evening.  It was just lovely.
  • was happy Brian was golfing multiple times over the weekend as he just loves the game and misses it when he doesn't play.
  • framed some wedding weekend pictures that I had printed.  They are not the photographer's, but I could not wait any longer to surround myself with wedding memories and seeing pictures of Matt and Jenny and our family on that special weekend simply makes me happy. Their wedding was just so beautiful and the three days that we celebrated were truly filled with love and joy and happiness. It was very special for our family.
  • spent Saturday afternoon in Geneva and had wine and an appetizer at a darling place with a backyard patio; Preservation Bread and Wine.  I cannot wait to go there with Sarah and Graham.
  • ran multiple errands on Sunday and then enjoyed some music in Elburn before heading home to do a few more "work prep" things that I love doing.  It's what teachers do to prepare for the opening of school; get themselves totally organized.
Have a great week!

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