Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a wednesday thought...

Well, it is Wednesday and I have been back to work for two days now.  As I am going in today, this will officially be a three day work week for me. Whew!

Now, for those of your that work your 50 weeks or a bit less a year due to time served; bear with me. I know I am not one of you and I know my schedule can be somewhat annoying.  In addition, I want to say that I know your lives are truly more difficult than mine in some, well many ways, and because of that, I feel for you and I actually verbalized this a few weeks ago to a friend. Let me expand.

I was running with my neighbor, Jane, and she was sharing some tidbits about her job and how stressful it is do to the fact she works in a very competitive field.  She asked me if it made sense as our careers are very different and I responded, "Yes, it makes sense. Perfect sense." Then, I found myself sharing with her that I do realize that my job is very, very different than other jobs out there.  I told Jane that because I have scheduled time away from students and time off  I can debrief, destress, relax and just breathe. That makes life much more bearable and doable and just plain good.

I want to say that I am sympathetic towards all of you out there who do not have this option.  I know you go, go, go for five consecutive days week after week after week and I feel for you. Those "here and there" days off of mine make a huge difference in my life and that's something you don't have the pleasure of experiencing.  In addition, let's face it,, my summer break is mighty nice, too.

Now, teachers do not have a "free" summer as many think.  We go to workshops and classes and meetings and partake in educational book clubs, but it is still not like working a five day a week. There is very little stress for us in the summer and it is wonderful.

I have no idea why I'm thinking of this on this sunny Wednesday, but I am. Maybe because my summer is ending and next week, it's back to reality.  My guys tell me, "Just get through the first day and you'll be fine.", so I will but yikes, it's hard to get ready for this.  It really is. (Are tears forming in your eyes?  I think they are in mine!)

On Monday, I'll be back in a routine and when my school opens it's doors on Wednesday to our future leaders, I'll hit the pavement running and I'll do it all day.  I won't have many breaks, my lunch time will be short and early  (Last year, my lunch time was 10:37-11:06.  Yes, I eat before 11 and some of us eat lunch at 10:10 in the morning.) and it will be interrupted almost daily. Meetings will be scheduled during my so called "planning time" so I will have to stay after school to plan and my evenings will no longer be spent watching Orange is the New Black on the sofa.  Paper grading will take it's place.  My Saturday will soon be spent cleaning and doing errands and will be gone before I know it and I'll have work to do on some Sunday's. How sad?

Okay, enough.  Enough of this "bla, bla, blaing"  Enough of my "Wednesday Thoughts" and all of this reflecting. I've had a great ten weeks and it's time to get started  and "seize this day".  I mean look,  it's already "Hump Day" and everybody loves "Hump Day"!

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