Wednesday, July 22, 2015

bucket list check in...

As I have less than 4 weeks left of vacation, I decided to check in on my bucket list.  So....

1.  Crochet a blanket for Graham.
2.  Read more.
3.  Daily run, ride my bike or enjoy a walk.
4.  Make a fruit tart.
5.  Grill vegetable and fruit kabobs.
6.  Go to a Cougar Game.
7.  Buy new make-up and face products.
8.  Purge old clothes that I have not worn in a year.
9.  Sit on my deck and enjoy quiet.

Well, not too bad.  I'm in the process of making Graham's blanket, but I did make another and a hat for a friend of Matt's who is having a baby soon so that's why I crossed off 1.  G man has made it hard for me to complete #3, but I am running on most Thursdays and Fridays.  I've grilled vegetables but need to do the fruit kabobs, get to a baseball game and clean out my closet.   There is still time left as summer does not end until September.

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