Friday, April 3, 2015

a sweet visit to wisconsin..

The four of us ventured to Wisconsin on April 1st to visit my parents in their new home.  Brian and I were at Sarah and Graham's by 9 and once we packed the car, and there was a lot going in the car (At one point, Brian almost put the car seat with Graham in the trunk.), we were off.  The three of stopped for lunch at our favorite bar, Champs, to enjoy their amazing burgers before heading to see my mom and dad who were waiting on the balcony.  A lovely visit was enjoyed by all and mom so loved holding and cuddling our new baby.  She was soooo happy, it made me just smile.  Although they are now in a much more manageable place and it is beautiful, it is too far from family and I just cannot get over that fact.  One must plan a whole day when visiting and that is hard when my husband only has one day off during the weekend and I clean on Saturday and he likes to golf now that winter is gone.  In addition, my mom has done nothing but take care of my dad alone for years now and that just makes all of us sad. It is too much for her and she needs to enjoy the last few years of her life.  If we were close, we could help taking dad to doctor visits, enjoy dinners together and yesterday, my mom could have come with me to watch Graham while Sarah went out in the afternoon.  Mom was teary when I hugged her goodbye, saying that she hopes to see all soon and when we left, my heart felt heavy.  Here are some sweet photos and the pictures of four generations together and two sets of grandparents with Graham just touch my heart!

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