Friday, March 6, 2015

well of course, it's friday...

Colouring Craze for Adults : Grown Up Colouring Books (with Giveaway) - In The Playroom

I'm already looking forward to the end of my work day as I'll be going to Mario's for a few services. This month is about hair and skin and make up for me which is good.  Maybe because it will soon be spring,  I'm subconsciously trying to get rid of the dull look that tends to be the result of winter. Then, this weekend is about painting my little office which I'm not in the mood to do, but we need to stop procrastinating this project.  It's a small room so it will be done in a day and as I'm sitting in here now, it needs to be freshened up.  The paint has that somewhat gray look that happens over time.  I'm also going to be heading over to see baby, doing my usual meal planning and chipping away at my month goals, two of which are finishing work projects before break.  T.G.I.F.

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