Tuesday, March 31, 2015

such a good mommy...

My Sarah is such a good mommy. Look at her!  She is just beautiful!  Sarah takes care of her precious, little one non-stop, 24/7, and although there have been tears, primarily due to exhaustion, there are laughs as well.  She looks at Graham with love and is always talking to him, sometimes reminding him that they talked about something before.  It's precious. I have see both of us watching and listening to all the little grunts and groans and facial expressions a new born makes and when we comment, our statements are often the same.  (Like mother, like daughter) There are times when we just look at each other and say, "I don't know?" because who really knows if you're doing things right.  I mean with Graham, Sarah and Chris are just doing everything to help him gain weight and thrive.  It's really just all about that at this point and anything else is somewhat irrelevant.  I did not remember until now how much a baby changes everything for the good.  It is truly beautiful!

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