Friday, March 13, 2015

a friday message...

Well, the week went by fast and one thing that I did notice is I miss not talking to my Sarah. I think of her all the time and want to check in all the time but I know that our new mama is busssssy.  In fact, yesterday I laughed when I asked her if she ever thought a baby would take up so much time, really all of her time and she quickly said no.  The way she answered was so funny as you never think you will be so "crazy busy" taking care of a little, bitty newborn.  Speaking of which, our little nugget is 3 weeks old today!  Baby Graham has only been on this Earth for 21 days and he was not even suppose to be here for another week.  Babies are such miracles!
Soooo, what stories am I going to make for Monday?  None that are going to be "journal worthy" I can tell you right now.  I am planning on washing my windows and dusting my Plantation Shutters as I want that done before my spring break.  I was also going to put outside furniture on my deck, spray down the garage floor as the winter dirt needs to go and even though it's a bit early, I just might get some of my pots ready for pansies as those are the first flowers we like to plant to celebrate warm weather returning.  That's all that I'm thinking of doing on this promised sunny weekend; nothing exciting but it will be nice to be home enjoying the warm weather.  T.G.I.F.

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