Thursday, February 5, 2015

the move...

Brian took off work yesterday to help Nick move and boy, did my guys look tired when I arrived at the new place around 2:30.  All the furniture was moved in, clothes were hung in the closet and the truck was returned. I rearranged the living room with them as things were just a bit off and then put away everything in the kitchen and bathroom while they left to buy a television at Costco.  By the time they returned, I had finished  those rooms, organized the closet and hung a few things on the walls.  My exhausted husband left around 5:15 and I followed him a bit later after ordering some food from the pizzeria.  Nick joined us at home for a much needed shower as there was no rod to hang the curtain on in his bathroom and he slept here last night as he has no cable either.  Today, he plans on contacting Comcast and then we're meeting up to do a bit more shopping...groceries and essentials will be bought at Wal-Mart.  He has rented a very, very nice place in town and it looks wonderful thanks to the H's who gave him all of his furniture. How lucky is he?  Mmmmm, very and he is more than appreciative.  We could not be happier for him!

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