Sunday, January 11, 2015

happy monday...

 this is something my papa dave always said to us growing up, you choose to be happy or you choose to be sad + miserable — and i choose happy. [source]

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • went to start my car Friday after work and it was a "no go" so I was late bringing it in the repair shop for a new battery.  Kinda funny, isn't it?
  • had to therefore, cancel my second make-up appointment because of my car:(.
  • enjoyed shopping at the new Caputo's near us but it was a bit overwhelming as the store is huge.
  • bought some delicious fresh fish and made Crusted Roasted Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi.  It was really good but I cooked it a bit too long.
  • visited the "H's" and Sarah put on the dress she bought for her baby shower.  She looks beautiful in it and it is sooooo pretty.  I can't wait to take her picture!
  • enjoy Sarah opening the Time Capsule I brought her that she made when she was in first grade.  She was really surprised and it was fun reading what she wrote and what I wrote and looking at pictures she tucked in it.  What was really funny was us realizing the fact that Nick was not born when she assembled the capsule. 
  • went to see Café Amano in Elmhust, that is where I am hosting the baby shower in February, and it is just stunning.  The event will be truly special which is exactly what I want.
  • woke up Sunday to a quite house as both of my guys were working so I redid my blog again as I wanted a new look.  It usually takes me awhile to settle on something that I like so we'll see if this works.  I was, for some reason, in the mood for brown.
  • made Conchiglie al Forno with Mushrooms and Radicchio and Traeger Smoked Whole Chicken which was one of the top ten 2014 recipes.  Pasta...delicious.  Chicken...the verdict is still out as we brined it and it was salty. Mmmmmm, need to figure this one out.
  • was excited for Sarah as yesterday, a few friends brought her baby and maternity hand-me-downs.  She was in need of a few more pieces and well, baby boy is set with many needed necessities.
Have a great week!  Mine is, and don't get upset, only 4 days with students and then it's the celebrated "Teacher Work Day" where we get an entire, uninterrupted day to ourselves.  It is quite nice!

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