Sunday, January 4, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • took down both of my trees on Friday which meant that windows and blinds needed to be cleaned as there was soooo much dust.  Also, I found myself cleaning the glass on my pictures as well  Nice... and the air smells clean and dust free.
  • called to return a Red Envelope gift and this company, once again, surprised me to no end.  After all of the information was given to the customer service representative, he proceeded to tell me my account would be credited and there was no reason to return the gift that I ordered.  He said I could keep it or re-gift it or donate it.  WHAT!!!  What company does that; gives you your money back and says there is no need to return the product.  Honestly, order from Red Envelop as their products are wonderful and their customer service is like no other; well maybe they are like Von Maur as their motto is "Our only interest is you!".
  • was sad that I forgot to give Sarah a little surprise from a very long  time ago on New Year's Day. Oh well, it will happen this coming week.
  • was not surprised when Nick said he was looking to find an apartment.  That made us "on the look now" for him as well as he has given us a general location of where he wants to live and you never now when you can find a great place just because you're looking.  It's time for him and he has been patient.
  • mailed our baby shower invites and then went to my favorite pampering salon...Mario T's for a fresh and fun look.
  • enjoyed some "inside time" on a weekend that just got colder and colder and colder.
  • stopped in work so I could walk into my room today with everything ready for my students.
Have a great first week of January!

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