Wednesday, December 17, 2014

what is it about the holidays...

Christmas Decorating Ideas
Have you ever noticed how the holidays always cause someone stress?  Brian and I now laugh about it, but it really does happen every year.  Someone does or says something that demonstrates a lack of thought toward someone else and it begins.  Disappointment and hurt feelings.  I think it started to happen in our family on Thanksgiving while our kids were visiting my husband who just came home from the hospital.  I heard someone say, "I'm not getting involved." and I knew it.  A conversation about the holidays had started and there was not "yin-yang" between all and do you know what?  From there, the disequilibrium continued until it surfaced and then there were tears and sadness and hurt feeling.  Yep, each and every year it happens but luckily, my sweet ones and I seem to be able to move on together because we know what is important to us...each other!

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