Friday, December 19, 2014

so glad the work week is done...

This has been a crazy "Yikes Week" for me; very, very long.  Okay, I was starting my second week back to work on Monday when I woke up to Nick being sick with the flu....bad, bad, bad. Now, even though he is an adult, everyone (...and I mean even you!) wants someone to help them when they cannot get out of bed or shower or hydrate or disinfect so I did this when I came home from work daily and in the mornings through Wednesday.  When that day ended and I arrived home after 5 due to an after school activity for our students, Nick was better and finally eating, but now Brian was sick with the flu. The disinfecting, therefore, continued and that night, I had a ton to do as our holiday luncheon was the next day so I was up really late for me.  Brian stayed home on Thursday and was not really great at 6 that night when he went to bed so I was "...alone again, naturally.".  I was once again able to get much done in the quiet, however,  as "the other male" in my home was still at work finishing a double shift at the prison. As today begins, Nick and my husband are still in bed, hopefully Brian is better, and now I am wondering, "Will I be next?" This week has been long and I have been extra busy so I'm worried my resistance is down.  It would be just my luck to be sick for the holidays after taking care of people for almost an entire month now. Nooooooooo!  I am not going to let that happen so I am going to think positive and "seize the day" as they say.  T.G.I.F. and "Welcome Winter Break"!

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