Wednesday, December 10, 2014

kind gestures...

There are kind people in the world.  Since the moment my husband was diagnosed with cancer, people have reached out to Brian and me.  There have been calls and text messages and e-mails offering support and prayers and networking options.  Friends have met with us to connect so we knew we were not alone, our family has reached out and remained in contact with us for months and our children; well they have been our rock.   All have listened and silently let us deal with the situation the way we needed too without judgment.  Help and warm wishes and hugs were offered consistently by all and when I think about it; I am still overwhelmed as these gestures were so appreciated and were ones that, little did most know, helped us face the next day with our chins up. Yes, there are kind people in this world, the kindness we have been shown will be treasured by Brian and me forever and we will never, ever forget to  "pay it forward".

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